The jab has made a clear distinction between humans and cattle.

Anyone who took it, regardless of the reason, bent a knee to tyrants. It does not matter if they were coerced, bribed, bullied or lied to. No amount of explanations or justifications change that fact.

Despite all if this, they not only allowed themselves to be the ultimate lab rat and take the jab, but also agreed to repeat experience with boosters.

It does not matter. They signaled to the government that they have a price that they are willing to trade their freedoms for. This shows weakness of character and susceptible to peer pressure and peer coercion.

When people with natural immunity are forced to take the jab, that’s not science, it’s straight up fascism.

Kenny White,
Certified Pureblood.

Learning Objectives

So many academic goals that we expect you to achieve.

How it Started

A battle against the pandemic to protect the people.

How it's Going

A battle against the people to protect the pandemic.


Pureblood Academy certifications are available to a diversity of mRNA Unvaxxed whom consist of Humanitarians, Pro-Choice, Pro-Freedom, Pro-Family, Pro-Human Rights, Pro-Consent and Pro-Health individuals.

Understanding Human Health

Not getting the COVID Jab, you are 100% protected from the 'vaccine' side effects and 99.8% protected against COVID. And that is a good deal!

Anti-Hate Philosophy

Don't hate people for being unvaccinated. They were born that way.

Understanding Geopolitics

We do not have a world-wide COVID crisis. We do not have a climate crisis. We have a corruption crisis, a tyranny crisis and an economic crisis.